Who WE ARE ?

Austrailers Queensland manufactures all types and sizes of trailers. We are a family owned business with over 20 years’ experience. Through the production of high-quality trailers and offering many practical uses, the business rapidly built up a reputation amongst homeowners, tradesmen, businesses and governmental agencies.

Austrailers Queensland complies with the Motor Vehicle Standards ACT 1989, and Australian Design Rules being a licensed manufacturer and retailer. Factory warranty is also provided on all new trailers.

Austrailers Queensland main aim is to provide all its clients with different types of trailers such as Box trailers, Car trailers, Tandem trailers, lawn mowing trailers, Builder’s trailers, caged trailers and many more. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, we guarantee affordable factory prices.

Our Mission

  • Committed to quality, reliability and affordability.
  • Austrailers Queensland never compromise quality and customer satisfaction.
  • 100 % Australian built trailers from start to finish.
  • ADR approved led lights.
  • Trailers supplied with new rated sunrise wheels and light truck tyres.
  • Factory warranty.
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    Our Trailers

    All Types Of Quality Trailers For Commercial & Domestic Use


    Austrailers Queensland | Commercial & Domestic Trailer

    Austrailers Queensland is one of the known leaders in Brisbane for manufacturing all types and sizes of trailers at affordable prices. We cater for all domestic as well as commercial trailers for the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast market. We are known to provide the best quality trailers to suit our customer’s needs, and we promise to deliver total satisfaction to all our customers.



    Our tandem trailers are 100% Australian made, built from high quality Australian steel. Please click here to view our range of tandem trailers. They are also available at other categories.


    For both domestic and commercial use, a tipping trailer is a great asset and a real time saver. The most popular choice for our tipping trailers is the HYDRAULIC TIPPER TRAILERS. These are ideal and recommended when moving and tipping heavy loads. They are a perfect choice for builders and landscapers.


    Austrailers Queensland are the local experts to build your tradesman trailer to suit your needs. All types & sizes are available. Please click here to view some of our range.


    Car trailers - All types and sizes are available at factory prices. We also can custom - design your trailer according to your specifications and requirements. Click here to view some trailers we have built.

    Enclosed Trailers

    Enclosed trailers – All types and sizes are available and can be custom designed and built to up to the customers’ requirements. Click here to view some of our enclosed trailers we have built.

    How Often Will You Use A Trailer?

    Consider all the options you may need before buying trailers in Brisbane. Do you need more storage space for your furniture or sand toys? Will you need to use a trailer to do business? How much will you travel with your trailer?

    Suppose you are travelling and need a trailer to move your belongings from one place to another. In that case, you may think that it’s better to rent trailers instead of buying trailers. However, this is not the cheapest way, as most trailer rental companies charge a mile, so your rental car may cost half the price you bought to own it! That means you will have to pay for half of that trailer and then return it wasting all that money you just spent on your hard work!

    Trailers are an Excellent Investment!

    The Trailers for sale in QLD are an excellent investment because, unlike a new car with a sticker value that seems to lose a few thousand dollars the moment taken out of the showroom, trailers hold their value and retain their resale value when it comes time to sell. And unlike cars, trailers do not have a “Blue Book”, so trailers used in good condition usually have a close price for new trailers. This means for you as a potential buyer if you choose to buy a trailer, and if you take care of it, you will be able to sell it for a fraction of the price you paid! To make your investment total lower than the lease when you sell it!

    With the low cost of ownership, affordable state registration, and insurance options, the trailers for sale Brisbane is an excellent investment that keeps its value when built by professional engineers using high-quality materials.

    How It Works

    Why Choose Austrailers Manufacturing (QLD)?

    We are well known for providing all types of trailers; like box trailers, builder trailers, caged trailers, car trailers, tandem trailers, lawn- mowing trailers, enclosed trailers, Galvanized trailers and custom – design trailers. Moreover, to take care of the clients’ needs we cater also customized trailers that fulfil all your requirements.

    What Our Clients Say

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    All Types Of Quality Trailers For Commercial & Domestic Use

    Call: 07 3284 8911


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      Manufacturer Direct Prices

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      Factory Warranty