Trailer Spares Brisbane – Austrailers QLD

Trailer Spares Brisbane – Austrailers QLD

Austrailers Queensland is a leading authority in quality, Australian made, trailer manufacturing. We sell stock standard and custom made trailers alongside trailer spares and parts. Based locally in Clontarf just 40 minutes north of Brisbane, we provide quality trailers and trailer spares Brisbane wide. Our services extend to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast,Ipswich, Toowoomba, and North Queensland. For quality Australian made trailers and trailer parts contact Austrailers Queensland on (07) 32848911 or visit us at 17 Huntington street Clontarf. Our Range We supply a wide range of trailer spares and parts including:

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Axles are known to play a very important role in all types of trailers. We make sure to provide all types and sizes of axles that are required for the atm or gvm for your trailer. Depending on the atm or gvm of the trailer trailer axles range from 39mm round up to 50mm square axles. Rest assured we provide you with the latest braked or lazy axle.

Bearings and accessories

All though small, bearings are a necessary part of any trailer. Serious damage can be prevented if they are checked and service every so often. Worn out wheel bearings can result in serious damage to a trailer when they cease. If your bearing are noisy it is a good indication of when they need replacing. We stock all types of bearings and accessories from Holden, Ford, parallel and 2 tonne type bearings. To protect your bearings and be able to grease them easier why don’t you consider a stainless steel or the polycarbonate bearing protectors.

Brakes, Accessories and Spares

By law brakes are required on any trailer with a gvm of over 750kgs. Brakes play a very important role in every type of trailer. We have several types of brakes available like Mechanical override disc brakes, drum brakes, electric brakes and cable. We also stock a variety of accessories and spares you may require for your brake kits. We try our best to fulfil all your requirements without providing any try of inconvenience to you.


Australian standards require trailers to be fitted with cable connectors between the vehicle and the trailer forfunctioning tail light systems. We stock trailer cables and harnesses such as the ezi – connect trailer harness. This is a plug and play setup with the led lights and the wiring harness.


Couplings are an important part of your trailer. If you don’t have the right rating coupling it may cause an accident while towing your trailer. Depending on what ATM or GVM of your trailer and whether you have a braked or unbraked trailer Austrailers Queensland can guide you which one you require. Austrailers Queensland are an Australian trailer manufacturer so we stock a large range of couplings from your Mechanical override coupling, Quick release coupling, electric brake coupling or even the off-road couplings available.


Tailgate hinges are necessary to allow your tailgates, lift up doors or barn doors to function. There are 2 types of hinges that are manufactured by our professionals. Moreover, Std pin, pipe tailgate hinges and Brass tip grease able changes are considered as the most last and widely used.


There are several types of hubs available which include Disc hubs, electric brake drums and lazy hubs. Trailer wheel hubs secure the trailer wheel to the axle in order to spin the wheels. If wrongly installed or rusted trailer hubs can fail and cause serious damage to your trailer and possible injuries. We sell a range of trailer hubs in various sizes from 6” – 12” and ranging from lazy hubs for unbraked trailers or for braked trailers we have electric drum hubs, mechanical override disk hubs or drum hubs.


Tailgate latches and catches are used to prevent the back gate of the trailer from opening when in use. We stock avariety of tailgate hatches including multi packs and single left or right catches.


It is advisable before towing your trailer you make sure that it has functional LED lights. We will make you available with 12V Led lights. Moreover, led lights provided to you will be multi-volt and submersible.


Reflectors help to increase the visibility of your trailer for safety while it is being driven on the road. Austrailers Queensland stocks a range of approved trailer reflectors. The colour options are amber, red and clear. Our reflectors are available separately or in multi packs for better value.

austrailersqld ezi connect trailer harness

Trailer shackles are used to secure your safety chain from your trailer to the tow bar of the towing. Chains and shackles are used as a safety requirement to keep your trailer connected to the towing vehicle just in case your coupling unhooks from the tow ball or fails in any way. Our range of trailer chains and shackles include D shackles from 750 to 3500 kg towing capacity.

Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are a vital part of trailer suspension. If your trailer springs fail in any way due to overloading your trailer it can cause a serious accident and severe damage to your trailer. It is also possible to damage your trailer axles and tyres, so it would be more cost effective and wise to regularly check and change your springs. We stock a range of trailer suspension springs from rocker roller suspension, shackle springs to slipper springs in various sizes according to your trailer GVM or Atm.


Wheels and tyres are a vital component to any vehicle, including trailers. Austrailers Queensland stock all types and sizes of trailer wheels and tyres for your trailer. We stock from 13” to 16” wheels and tyres. If you require something different don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our sales team would be most happy to try and source it for you.

Our trailer parts are available Brisbane wide. Austrailers Queensland offer a reliable delivery service for quality trailer parts delivered to your door. If convenient you are able to pick up from our showroom as well. If you are unable to find the part, you need fill out our contact form or give us a call on 07 3284 8911 to discuss what we can do for you.

For a peace of mind and to stay safe on the road it would be important to know where your trailers and trailer parts come from and how long they will last. Austrailers Queensland proudly produces quality, Australian made trailers locally in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Austrailers Manufacturing Queensland showroom and manufacturing facility is located at 17 Huntington street Clontarf, less than 40 minutes drive North from the Brisbane CBD. We can supply trailers and trailer parts to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and North Queensland . Not close enough? No worries, ring through your order on 07 3284 8911 and one of our sales team will process your order and arrange to have your order delivered to wherever you need it.

Looking for trailer parts in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba or Gold Coast? Call Austrailers Queensland today on 07 3284 8911 or visit our store at Clontarf! We have a price guarantee policy to ensure you are getting your trailer parts for the best possible price.

Our Pricing Guarantee

If you find a like for like product at a cheaper price elsewhere, let us know and we will match or even beat it. With the Austrailers spare trailer parts pricing guarantee you know you are getting quality parts at the best price possible. (Terms and conditions apply).Austrailers Queensland is a leading authority in the Australian trailer and trailer spare parts industry. We only produce and sell high quality, Australian made products. Austrailers Queensland is the best manufacturer and supplier of trailers and trailer spares Brisbane wide. If you’re looking for, quality, reliable trailer parts at great prices contact us today on 07 3284 8911 or visit us at 17 Huntington street Clontarf.

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